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                山東聚豐橡膠有限公司位于山東省高密市(諾貝爾文學獎莫言的故鄉)醴泉工業園,東臨美麗的旅游城市青島,西依風箏都濰坊,境內膠濟鐵路、膠新鐵路、濟青高速公路縱橫貫穿,距青島國際機場50 公里,具有良好的區位優勢和便利的交通條件。 



                公司以德經商,誠信經營,多次被政府主管部門授予 “誠信民營企業”、“質量信得過企業”、“勞動關系和諧企業”、“守合同重信用企業”、“進出口先進企業”等榮譽稱號。公司注重品牌質量,在2012年榮獲“山東省著名商標”,2013年榮獲“山東名牌”。 

                早在2005年就通過了ISO9001 國際質量體系認證和國家“CCC”認證。干精、干優、干強是公司全體干部職工齊心協力奮斗的目標。以“品牌正品、品質服務”根本,以“同謀發展,共享雙贏”為宗旨,倡導綠色環保,不斷優化升級輪胎產品,積極響應習主席的“幸福是靠奮斗出來的”,團結全體干部職工,一齊擼起袖子加油干。誠邀國內外客商蒞臨合作指導!

              Shandong Jufeng Rubber Co., Ltd. is located

              in Liliquan Industrial Park, gaomi city, Shandong Province (hometown of Mo Yan,

              Nobel Prize for Literature). It is adjacent to the beautiful tourist city

              Qingdao in the east and Weifang, the kite capital in the west. Jiaoji Railway,

              jiaozhou-xinyi railway and Jinan-Qingdao Expressway run through it vertically

              and horizontally. It is 50 kilometers away from Qingdao International Airport.

              It has good location advantages and convenient transportation conditions.

              Founded in 1999, the company has nearly 360

              employees, covers an area of more than 70 mu, has a construction area of more

              than 20,000 square meters, has a registered capital of 6 million yuan and an

              output value of 280 million yuan. The company has imported advanced tire

              production equipment and has perfect testing and raw material testing

              equipment. It mainly produces six series of oblique tires, including

              agriculture, industry, engineering, forestry, entertainment and export, with

              nearly 200 varieties and specifications. It is supported by large-scale

              well-known agricultural machinery enterprises such as Wuzheng Group, Futian

              Rivo Heavy Industry, Jianghuai Power, Lugong Group, Lingong, Longgong and Ward

              Group in China.  Products are exported to

              Japan, Australia, South Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and


              At present, the share of agricultural tires

              exported to Japan ranks first in the country.

              Among them, well-known Japanese enterprises that have been cooperating

              for 10 years invested more than RMB 5 million in our company in 2014 and

              developed more than 20 specifications and models of products, making the

              products exported to Japan account for more than 70% of the whole Japanese

              market. The quality of products has been well received and recognized by

              Japanese merchants for many years and has become an excellent supplier and main

              supplier for Japanese enterprises.  At

              present, the company is researching and developing drifting bumper tires for

              export to Europe and the United States, and fitness equipment tires for export

              to all parts of the world.

              The company conducts business in virtue and

              operates in good faith. It has been awarded many honorary titles by government

              departments such as "Honest Private Enterprise", "Quality

              Trustworthy Enterprise", "Harmonious Labor Relations

              Enterprise", "Contract-abiding and Credit-oriented Enterprise"

              and "Advanced Import and Export Enterprise".  The company pays attention to brand quality

              and won "Shandong Famous Brand" in 2012 and "Shandong Famous

              Brand" in 2013.

              As early as 2005, it passed ISO9001

              international quality system certification and national "CCC"

              certification.  It is the goal of all

              cadres and workers of the company to make concerted efforts to achieve

              excellence, excellence and strength.

              Based on the principle of "brand quality products and quality

              service" and the tenet of "co-conspiring for development and sharing

              win-win", the company advocates green environmental protection,

              continuously optimizes and upgrades tire products, actively responds to

              President Xi's "happiness comes from struggle", unites all cadres and

              workers, and rolls up sleeves to work together.

              We sincerely invite domestic and foreign businessmen to visit us for

              cooperation and guidance!

              電  話   0536-2886588    18653606888

              Email    jfxjvip@163.com    jfxjvip@126.com

              地  址   高密市醴泉工業園盛泉街1518號    No. 1518 Shengquan Street, Liquan Industrial Park, Gaomi City


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